FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

¿How long have global recovery services been in business?

Global Recovery Services have been in business for around 4 years.

¿What is the phone number for Global recovery services?

The phone number for global recovery services is (877) 750-5556

¿How big are Global recovery services?

Global Recovery Services generate approximately USD 660,000.00 in revenue annually.

¿Where are Global recovery services located?

Global Recovery Services are located at 1900 N BAYSHORE DR., SUITE 1A #136-1028

¿Is there a primary contact for Global Recovery Services?


¿What money recovery services does Global Recovery Services offer?

Global Recovery Services specializes in helping businesses and individuals recover money stolen by scammers. Our main focus is to constantly improve the way we fight for what is yours or your business.

¿What are online scams and how can I protect myself from them?

Online scams are related to the investment scams that are prevalent in the trading markets. They often advance on social media, and fraudulent traders promise high returns. To protect yourself, it is important to carefully check investment opportunities, research companies, and consult with investment experts before making decisions.

¿What does stock trading entail and how can I participate?

Stock trading involves buying and selling shares of a particular company. If you own shares in a company, it means you own a part of the company. You can engage in stock trading through stock brokers and online platforms.

¿How can I recover unused or end-of-life assets?

Investment or asset recovery is the process of recovering the value of unused or end-of-life assets. Global Recovery Services attempts to identify, reuse, sell or dispose of surplus assets from the company’s core business. You can contact us for advice on recovering assets from your business.

¿What is currency trading (Forex) and how can I make profits from it?


Forex trading involves speculating on currency prices. Global Recovery Services accompanies and advises companies or individuals in the process of currency trading to obtain substantial profits. To be successful in Forex, it is essential to understand the markets and have solid investment strategies.

¿What are cryptocurrencies and how can I get involved in them?

Cryptocurrencies are forms of digital currency that use cryptography to secure transactions. Global Recovery Services accompanies you in the world of cryptocurrencies to increase your chances of success. You can start getting involved in cryptocurrenciesbuying them, using online exchanges andstoring them securely in digital wallets.

¿What is the process of recovering money stolen by scammers?

The process of recovering money stolen by scammers involves an assessment of the situation, investigation, contacting the relevant authorities and, in many cases, filing legal claims. Global Recovery Services works closely with legal and financial experts to recover funds effectively.

¿How can I report an online scam to Global Recovery Services?

If you have been a victim of an online scam, we recommend that you contact us through our online contact form or by phone. We will be happy to evaluate your case and provide guidance on next steps.

¿Do you offer cryptocurrency investment advisory services?

Yes, Global Recovery Services offers cryptocurrency investment advisory services. Our experts can provide guidance on cryptocurrency investing and help you make informed decisions in this ever-evolving market.

¿What are the fees associated with Global Recovery Services services?

Our initial consultation is free, and we charge no upfront fees. If we determine that the recovery process is viable and successful, we will aggressively work on your case and our fees will be based on a later agreement. This means you will only pay us if we obtain a settlement for you.