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Global Secovery Services were founded in 2018. This business is working in the following industry: Corporate management. Annual sales for Global recovery services are around USD 660,000.00.

Our history

We have recent arbitration awards that clearly demonstrate online brokers may be held responsible for any of the above, and further, they are responsible (not the customers) for their computer breakdowns, even if their customer agreements may state otherwise.

global recovery services frequently contract with securities attorneys as mediation support. Many of our cases are referred to us by attorneys because of our expertise in matters regarding securities litigation. We also contract with industry experts and securities fraud attorneys in developing and arbitrating customer claims on an as-needed basis.



Our objective is to provide professional, affordable representation for abused investors through the negotiation and mediation process. Global Recovery Services offer a valuable service by providing investors suffering from investment fraud with knowledge and expertise of the securities industry equal to that possessed by the brokerage firms.

global recovery services provide investors with knowledge and expertise in the securities industry equal to that possessed by the brokerage firms to help you recover stock market losses due to investment fraud or stock broker fraud or misconduct.

If you have suffered from investment fraud or stockbroker misconduct, we offer a free initial consultation and NO upfront fees. If we feel the securities arbitration process can help you recover funds, we will pursue your case vigorously, and you will only pay us if we receive a settlement for you.



global recovery services have completed over 1100 unrelated investor claims in securities arbitration since our inception in January 2018.

Roughly 80% of all claims settle and the remainder goes to a mediation process. Of those claims that go to hearing, our success rate has averaged about 50%.

Therefore, approximately 90% of all IRS clients obtain either a satisfactory monetary settlement or arbitration award



Have you had substantial losses in the stock market?

Do you feel your broker has not had your
best interests in mind?

Did you buy a risky investment without an
explanation of the risk?

We may be able to help you recover your stock market or investment losses if you were misled about the safety of your investment or if you feel your broker did not follow your instructions, even if outright fraud was not a factor.

Recovery services specialize

Our clients’ stockbrokers typically violated provisions of the Rules of Fair Practice established by the FINRA (National Association of Securities Dealers). These rules were established in order to protect investors as well as the integrity of the marketplace.